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Previous Lab Members

Martin Ramirez (MD/PhD Student, Molecular Microbiology, 2018-2023)
Medical Student, Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, MA

Elizabeth Draganova (IRACDA Post-doctoral Scholar, 2016-2022) 
Assistant Professor, Emory University in Atlanta, GA

Zemplen Pataki (MD/PhD Student, Molecular Microbiology, 2019-2022)
Medical Student, Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, MA 

Mike Thorsen (PhD Student, CMDB 2016-2022, Postdoctoral Scholar 2022) 
Scientist at Treeline Bioscience in Watertown, MA 

Ellen White (Postdoctoral Fellow 2015-2020, Staff Scientist 2020-2021)
Scientist II at Repertoire Immune Medicines in Cambridge, MA

Adam Hilterbrand (Postdoctoral Fellow, 2017-2021)
Senior Scientist at Santa Biotechnology in Cambridge, MA

Andrea Koenigsberg (PhD Student, Molecular Microbiology Program, 2013-2019)
Consulting Associate, Charles River Associates in Boston, MA

Anshumali Mittal (Postdoctoral Fellow, 2017-2018)
Xuanzong Guo (Senior Research Technician, 2015-2018)

Claire Metrick (PhD Student, Biochemistry Program, 2011-2017)
Senior Scientist at Biogen in Cambridge, MA

Rebecca Cooper (Postdoctoral Fellow, 2013-2017)
Research Associate at Fred Hutch in Seattle, WA

Heidi Burke (PhD Student, Molecular Microbiology Program, 2011-2016)
Scientist II at Affinivax Inc. in Cambridge, MA
Janna Bigalke (Postdoctoral Fellow, 2012-2016)
Senior Scientist at University of Lubeck in Lubeck, Germany

Henry Rogalin (PhD Student, Biochemistry Program, 2010-2016)
Data Scientist at Obsidian Therapeutics in Cambridge, MA

Jared Pitts (PhD Student, Molecular Microbiology Program, 2007-2014) 
Research Scientist at Gilead Sciences in San Francisco, CA

Jessica Silverman (PhD Student, Molecular Microbiology Program, 2009-2013)
Chemistry Teacher at Newton South High School in Newton, MA

Sam Stamfer (MD/PhD Student in Biochemistry Program, 2009-2013)
Internal Medicine Resident in Research Track to Infectious Disease at Emory University in Atlanta, GA

Sapna Sharma (Research Assistant/Lab Manager, 2007-2012)
Scientist at Joule Unlimited Technologies in Bedford, MA

Elvira Vitu (Postdoctoral Fellow, 2009-2012)
Scientist in the Weiss Lab at MIT in Cambridge, MA 

Tirumala Kumar Chowdary (Postdoctoral Fellow, 2007-2012)
Assistant Professor at the National Institute of Science, Education, and Research, Bhubaneswar, India

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